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ed_share's Journal

Share striking eating disorder related oddities
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This userinfo is under construction. Enjoy the temporary one:

This community was created as a result of my (star_sketching) belief that there was not an appropriate place to share the odd ED stories/posts/otherwise on LJ. This community is meant to discuss such things in an intellectual, open, and understanding environment. This is not haha_anawanabes, we are not posting simply for support in bringing down the wana's. At the same time I don't want this to be a community to share "tipz n trickzzz", join ana_bella for that. No stats, no celeb stats, no wana bullshit.

If you are unaware of what constitutes wanarexic bullshit behavior, please see The criteria for Wanarexia Idiosa. If you are a wana you are most likely incapable of intellectual conversation and thus not a person well-suited to the environment of this community. Take that as a warning. I won't take crap. Neither will my mods:

Sally - sometimeanytime
Jessica- bodyimperfecta
Jocelyn- therealslimjoce
tH3 T@p3W3rM G0deSs- ms_addict

And your evil, spork-wielding, dictator maintainer/mod/creator, Keirtalie (aka- star_sketching.

We rule with an "iron fist of love"!

What's okay to share:

Simply anything you find striking, interesting, thought provoking, weird, or that you don't understand.

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