Piece of Mind (whobelongshere) wrote in ed_share,
Piece of Mind

An eating disorder is not one face; we are not a stereotypical cliche. We are everywhere.
Anorexia is the thin girl rushing to catch the bus who always wears a wool sweater, and the quiet boy who sat across from you in lecture hall. Bulimia is the pale woman down the street who always smiles&waves when you walk by, and the round teenage girl who can never be satisfied by the way she looks. ED-NOS is your best friend who is always complaining about her weight even when you think she looks beautiful, it is your favorite actress who has always been "naturally slim."
We love the feeling of hunger. The way that it burns from the inside out, like we're setting every inch of ourselves on fire to burn away imperfections leaving behind an untainted skeletal vision of beauty.
Whether achieved through religiously purging our mistakes or completely avoiding them altogether, we strive for hunger.
We are the purest forms of human beings. We feed off of our own inner strength; we are composed of nothing but pure willpower.
We are perfectionists, in the best of ways. We will continue to improve ourselves until our dying day.
We are not crazy, ignorant, or stupid.
We are the thin.

What do you think?
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