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Pimping my community

I've created a new community, pro_ed_ucation, and a base, ed_ucation_base, to help support it. The purpose of this base is to make sure the information is correct and the education is the best it can be.

pro_ed_ucation is meant to help encourage Pro-Education in the Eating Disorder communities.

The common consensus of the Eating Disorder related communities and/or websites is that they either fit in one of a few categories:

A) Recovery, helping/providing a supportive environment for a person after they have decided to try to 'heal', 'become healthy', or 'move on' from their previously unhealthy eating disordered behavior.

B) The few "Anti- Ana", working to abolish the "eating disorder movement"

C) Pro "Ana/Mia", where they provide 'tips and tricks', post pictures of models and 'thinspiration', and support and spell out starvation/purging/etc tips for (mostly) young girls who glamorize Anorexia.

I have found that the majority of eating disorder related sites, unrelated to recovering from or ending an eating disorder, focus on the third. Within these sites self-diagnosis runs rampant. The DSM IV, diagnostic criteria is ignored in the majority of these situations. A large number of people in these communities join simply to lose a few pounds. Even more view anorexia as a 'lifestyle' and a quick way to look like Paris Hilton. They hail the "Ana Goddess" and praise their new 'religion', their 'lifestyle', their fad.

This community is to bring together those communities which prioritize accuracy and promote an educated view of Eating Disorders within a non-recovery-based setting. Eating Disorders are very serious diseases and should be understood as such. At pro_ed_ucation we will provide an easy to access home to reach all the communities that fit this criteria. The approved communities will be posted in separate posts, per community, along with the review and link to community. The list of communities, with corresponding links to the posts, will be listed in the userinfo. All posts within pro_ed_ucation will be Public, however this community is closed, and only to be used for the information provided for the communities shown, not discussion through additional posts. Commenting is open, and additional info/feedback is encouraged to be shared, but will be deleted if not directly related to the community the post represents.

Here we will determine which communities will be a part of this group. These communities are to be excellent representations of this priority and should not display any of what I described in (C) the typical 'ANA' communities of idiocy and ignorance.

Please join and help the cause.

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